Welcome My Lords and Ladies!

Ancient Games and Toys from Around the World!


m’lords and m’ladies, to the finest handpainted, recreated, historically accurate board games, suitable for re-enactors, game-enthusiasts and families alike.The notion of the board games is both universal and timeless. Ancient cultures devised board games to keep them occupied during the winters and monsoon seasons. Competing even with simple games and toys kept strength, agility and prowess at its peak even when confined due to the weather.
Bryanna’s Treasure Box believes that games are excellent educational tools and works to help teachers find appropriate ones for their curricula. Games provide a host of opportunities for the classroom. Reading the rules, history of games, geography of trade routes, addition on the dice, probability of a particular outcome, creativity, cooperation, good sportsmanship even decision making are all fun and exciting when playing a historically accurate board game!

There is just something indefinable that happens when you play a game that might have been played by your great-great-great-great grandparents. These games go back 400-4000 years!