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Bryanna’s Treasure Box
Ancient Games and Toys from Around the World!

What we do
Handpainted cloth board games, suitable for the re-enactor and families alike.
Our business history
It all started back in ASXXX, at the Thirtieth Year celebration of the Society of Creative Anachronism. As I explored the site, I was amazed at the wide range of cultures represented. I wanted to learn more about these various peoples and places

By studying and researching recreation habits, I discovered that the notion of the board games is both universal and timeless. Ancient cultures devised board games to keep them occupied during the winters and monsoon seasons.

For example, Mancala, and its numerous variants, dates back many centuries, and has been discovered in archaeological digs spread across several continents.

While I do enjoy a rousing game of Monopoly in front of a roaring gas firelog, the idea intrigues me that THIS game might have been played by my ancestors. THIS game has been passed down through generations. THIS game is 500 years old, or more!

Natural fibers and materials that may have used in the original games are important to me. I enjoy creating the original decorations, based on the artwork of the time. Although most of the original game boards found intact in archaeological finds were mainly ivory, stone, or wood, I would surmise that lightweight, portable versions of the game were also common. These cloth games did not last through the centuries, so I can


About our staff
I started making a few games for me and my friends, then one day a friend asked for a game for a birthday present. I gave them out the next Christmas. By the next spring I was taking custom orders. Today I travel to many events and shows in the Pacific Northwest and with online ordering, I’m open 24×7!


What makes us unique
Each of the games are historically accurate. The graphics are taken from Architecture, paintings, and sculptures. Some wooden game boards have been found in archealogical digs which provide a wonderful opportunity to see the details.
Although I travel to shows on the weekends, I can be reached by phone during the week. Our contact page is my favorite means of communication.